The literature on critical approaches to, and perspectives on, organisation and management is heavily outweighed by conventional managerialist literature. Access to critical literature is also often difficult. This page attempts to provide information on currently available critical literature. For books, a weblink and the ISBN (normally for paperback edition) is provided, where possible; where a book has been re-issued by different publishers, details shown are normally for the earliest publication.

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Alvesson, Mats and Deetz, Stanley (2000) Doing Critical Management Research, London: Sage
ISBN: 0761953337

Alvesson, Mats and Willmott, Hugh (eds) (1992) Critical Management Studies, London: Sage
ISBN: 0803984553

Alvesson, Mats and Willmott, Hugh (eds) (2003) Studying Management Critically, London: Sage
ISBN: 0761967370

Ehrenreich, Barbara (2001) Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, Henry Holt & Co.
ISBN 0-8050-6389-7

Grey, C. and Willmott, H. (eds.)(2005) Critical Management Studies: A Reader, Oxford: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199286086

Klein, Naomi (2001) No Logo, London: Flamingo
ISBN: 0006530400

Model, David (2003) Corporate Rule: Understanding and Challenging the New World Order, Montreal: Black Rose Books
ISBN: 1-55164-208-5

Monbiot, George (2000) Captive State: the Corporate Takeover of Britain, Lonon: Pan Macmillan

Moore, Michael (1997) Downsize This! Random Threats from an Unarmed American, Harper
ISBN: 0060977337

Quinn, Bill (2005) How Wal*Mart is Destroying America (and the World), and What You Can Do About It (3rd ed), Berkeley, CA: Tenspeed Press
ISBN: 1-58008-668-3

Sennett, Richard (1999) The Corrosion of Character: Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism, New York: W. W. Norton
ISBN: 0393319873

Toynbee, Polly (2003) Hard Work: Life in Low-pay Britain, London: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 0747564159


Culture and Organization - "particularly offers papers which employ ethnographic, critical and interpretive approaches, as practised in such disciplines as communication, media and cultural studies, which go beyond description and use data to advance theoretical reflection."

Electronic Journal of Radical Organisation Theory

Ephemera - free online journal "for the discussion of theoretical and political perspectives on all aspects of organization".



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