Particular Corporations and Organisations

Critical organisation and management studies takes an interest in a range of particular corporations and other organisations, many of which are the focus of campaigns by activist groups. This page provides links to both official websites of some of the corporations and to the websites of activist groups. Of course, the inclusion of such links is intended solely for informational and educational purposes - there is no intention to indicate agreement with or support for the materials provided on websites to which hypertext links are provided.

Corporations are listed in alphabetical order.


Human Rights Watch report on Enron in India

BusinessEthics page on Enron

Enron and Andersen - on site

The Enron Scandal - on WhatReallyHappened website


Halliburton profile

Halliburton Watch



introduces itself by stating that "McDonald's spends over $2 billion a year broadcasting their glossy image to the world. This is a small space for alternatives to be heard"

McDonalds Workers Resistance



Baby Milk Action
the most obvious campaign against policies and practices of Nestle

McSpotlight on the Baby MIlk Industry

Why Boycott Nestle/Risks of Artificial Feeding
part of website called "Kidz are people, too!!! A resource for gentle parenting from conception through the toddler years"

Nestle Boycott
on Wears the Baby website




Boycott Nike

The NikeWatch Campaign
part of website of Oxfam Community Aid Abroad in Australia



Failing the challenge: The Other Shell Report 2002 (.pdf file, 28 pages)
Behind the shine: The other Shell Report 2003 (.pdf file, 40 pages) - produced by Friends of the Earth

Essential Action's website information on Shell campaign, also has page of links to various sites campaigning for a boycott



I Hate Starbucks

Boycott Starbucks


Union Carbide profile


Walmart profile

The Walmart you don't know
an article in FastCompany magazine about Walmart's practices

Walmart Watch

Walmart Day of Action
"People's campaign for justice at Walmart"

Boycott International
1World has launched the Boycott International site and states that it has "chosen Walmart as the target of our primary call for a boycott because of the company’s unfair labor practices around the world".




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