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Critical Organisation and Management Studies is a rapidly developing field of theoretical analysis and empirical investigation concerned with challenging dominant and largely taken-for-granted views about the nature of organisations and management in contemporary society. The field is a broad one, and by no means unitary. In general, researchers working within this field of study contest the idea that the form of organisational society that has developed over the past century (or more) is one that is economically, socially and environmentally progressive and sustainable. Critical analysis points to major issues of, for example, divisions and inequities between groups and nations, inefficient uses of the world's resources, exploitation of people and of natural resources, domination by the more-wealthy of the less-wealthy. These and other problems are viewed not as unfortunate by-products of the current system, merely temporary and soon-to-be-overcome, but rather as intrinsic to the system and requiring radical change.

In addition to academic study in this field, there is a large number of groups and movements engaged in practical action to challenge, contest, and change the current social order. These include labour and trade union groups, trade justice groups, anti-globalisation groups, environmentalists, animal welfare groups, and the like.

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